Helsinki Cup fields 2023

Helsinki Cup are played very good quality fields – natural grass and artifical grass.

Reading field maps
Helsinki Cup 2023 has 23 playing areas. The field maps listed start with the main areas, Käyplä and Töölö. After these areas, the field maps are listed in an alphabetical order.

The fields marked with a red outline are natural grass fields. The ones marked with
a blue outline are artificial grass fields.

The following markers have been used to make it easier to read the field maps:
• 5v5 fields (7-9 years old) are marked with field number and a lowercase letter
(i.e. 9a).
• 8v8 (10-13 years old) fields are marked with field number and a with capital
letter (i.e. 9A).
• 11v11 (B13 and 14-18 years old) fields are marked with only a field number
(i.e. 9).

The same field could be used for playing in several formations. So the field number
will always remain the same, only the letters change (i.e. 9A & 9B => 9).

Grass rules
A lot of games are played on Helsinki’s natural grass fields, which causes a lot of
wear to the surface. We kindly ask spectators to stay out of the grass if possible.

The following guidelines have been prepared for watching matches:
• The grass areas between the fields are for substitutes and coaches only.
• Spectators should watch the matches from stands on those grass fields that have
• If there are no stands, spectators should stay on the edge of the grass area.
• If the Field Managers have set special restrictions on the use of the fields,
these instructions must be strictly followed.
• Water bottles should be emptied outside of the field area.