Frequently Asked Question

1. How do we get to Helsinki?

Helsinki can be reached easily from anywhere in the world.

By plane: Helsinki Airport serves around two hundred international flights everyday. Finnair’s route network covers over 1000 destinations in 150 countries
worldwide and the airline, together with its partner airlines, operates direct flights from Helsinki to North America and Asia. Finnair also flies to over forty cities
in Europe. The trip from the airport to the city takes only around 30 minutes.

By ferry: There are daily ferry services to Helsinki from Estonia and Sweden as well as Germany. All the ferry companies also offer the possibility to take a car
with you. Helsinki can also be reached by ferry from Russia and Poland.

By train: Helsinki can be reached by train from Russia. Allegro-trains operate daily between Helsinki and St. Petersburg.

Please always check before travelling the current coronavirus and entry restrictions from the authorities of each country.

2. How much is the tournament fee?

The participation fees are for B/G7, B/G8, B/G9 series 335 €. For girls series (G10-G18) 350 €, and for all boys series 385 €.

3. What is the Helsinki Cup tournament package and what does it include?

The Helsinki Cup tournament package is the best way for your group to coordinate all of your tournament arrangements.
The tournament package includes:

  • Hotel accommodation
  • Meals of your choice throughout the tournament
  • Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) travel cards with unrestricted access to Helsinki’s public transit system
  • Helsinki Cup guide services during the tournament week
  • Matches as close to accommodation as possible
4. What are the tournament hotels and where are they situated?

Helsinki Cup offers quality hotel accommodation through its partner hotels at Scandic and Holiday Inn hotels.

  • All of the hotels are located close to downtown Helsinki, some in the heart of the city and immediate vicinity of the playing fields.
  • In fact, most tournament venues and fields are within a convenient distance from the hotels and commuting by public transport is easy
  • with the HSL travel cards and Helsinki Cup guide services included in the tournament package.
  • Accommodation is available in rooms for 1 to 4 guests, including amenities.
  • All of the hotel packages include a full Scandinavian buffet breakfast each morning.
  • Family members and other fans and followers are just as welcome to stay at Helsinki Cup’s partner hotels at the same tournament rates as the teams

See more information about the hotels on our accommodation page.

5. When do the matches start and when do they finish?

The tournament starts on Monday morning at 8.30 am. Last matches are played at 8 pm. We take into account that the matches on each day are near to each other so that the team has free time in the morning or in the evening.

6. Where are the matches played?

Most tournament venues and fields are within a convenient distance from the hotels. The closest fields are within a walking distance and
for the farest field commuting by public transport is easy with the HSL travel cards that are included in the tournament package.

7. Where is the tournament restaurant and what kind of food do they serve there?

The tournament restaurant is situated in the Helsinki in Töölö next to the Töölö playing fields. The food is mostly pasta and there is a vegetarian option everyday.

8. What does Helsinki Cup guide services mean?

Helsinki Cup guide services are available for teams that have booked the tournament package.
The guides will assist teams with getting from accommodation to the playing fields and they will also help with any questions that you might have regarding the tournament. The guides will be located at the hotels from where they will assist the teams during the tournament.

9. What is the Love the Ball Center?

Love the Ball Center was virtual year 2021. We produce program from 10AM to 4PM – you can follow the live studio from Helsinki Cup application.

10. Is there an Opening Ceremony?

The Helsinki Cup Opening Ceremony 2021 was cancelled this year due covid -19.

11. Is there a disco?

2021 also Helsinki Cup disco was cancelled.

12. What is the Helsinki Cup wristband?

All participants in the Helsinki Cup will receive their own tournament wristband.

The wristband allows entry into the final matches on Friday and Saturday. Special offers to Olympiastadion sightseen tower and Sports Museum of Finland as well as free entrance to Korkeasaari Zoo.

13. Is it possible to play friendlies?

If the team is arriving earlier than the tournament starts for them (girls) or if they are disqualified earlier than their departure date, Helsinki Cup will try to arrage friendlies with other teams with same situation. The teams have to pay only the referee fee.

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