Let’s take care of safe distances in Helsinki Cup 2021

There will be over 4 000 matches and over 1300 teams in the upcoming tournament. Because of these large numbers, we are taking special care of the tournament’s safety.

To take care of safety distances, the matches will be divided into a total of 15 different field areas. The match program is designed so that the same teams, “the pairs”, play in each field area. Each pair plays two matches against their opponents i.e., those who play on the same field. There is always a 10-minute break between each game. This allows teams that end their game to leave safely from the field. Also, the arrangement allows the next players to enter the field without overcrowding.

The games are designed so that one team plays a match and then takes a game break. The team then plays another game, after which that team leaves for home or accommodation. A longer 20-minute break will be held when all pairs have played and there are no more matches for that day. This will remove all teams from the field and allow the next pairs to enter during the break.

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