Registration is approaching – which level should my team participate in?

Registration for next summer’s tournament is approaching – what level should you register for? What kind of team was together this season? What if the team has changed before next summer?

Do these questions sound familiar? Certainly, because you are not the only one who reflects on them. Many people want to wait that their squad is fully known before participating in the next tournament and therefore registration is often left to the last minute.

Fortunately, at the Helsinki Cup, you can register for the tournament well in advance, as it is possible to change the level until the last day of registration.


The B7-B9 series will be played as a six-game tournament in either three or two days. Teams can enroll in three different levels: elite, general, and entry. Teams will not face teams from the other levels.

The B7 series teams will start the three-day games on Wednesday. The two-day tournament will be played from Thursday to Friday. The B8 series teams will start games on Tuesday. The two-day games will be played from Tuesday to Wednesday. B9 series teams will start games on Monday. The two-day games are played Monday through Tuesday.

B7 – from Wednesday to Friday

B8 – from Tuesday to Thursday

B9 – from Monday to Wednesday

What is the difference between the boys’ elite, general and entry levels?

In the boys B10-B17 series, the teams play in two different series. The other series has a separate elite group and a general group. Teams can register to any level, but the level should be carefully considered to get suitable matches for the whole week. We are sure that no one wants to waste good tournament moments winning or losing every game 6-0, for example.

Four teams from the elite group will advance directly to the A-finals and two teams will advance to the B-finals. From the general group, two teams advance to the A-finals, two teams to the B-finals and two teams to the C-finals. The number of teams in the series determines how the playoffs will be played. Teams from the elite groups can get straight to Round 2 when some have to play a Round 1 game. In the playoffs, the loser will be knocked out and the winner will continue.

The entry-level series (B10H-B17H) is played with a relaxed mind. The teams will play the group stage and one playoff game on Thursday. All entry-level series will be played 8v8.


In the girls’ series, the series are played separately. The girls are also divided into elite, general, and entry levels. If there are two groups in the girls’ series, places 1-3 go to the A-finals and places 4-5 to the B-finals. If there are three groups in the series, places 1-2 and the top two placed 3rd will go to the A-finals and the weakest 3rd place and places 4-5 to the B-finals. There may be changes in the number of teams, which is why the league system can be changed when the number of teams is known for certain.

All series for 7-9 year olds and elite-level series for 10-18 year olds will start on Wednesday. All the other series will start on Tuesday. The girls’ group stage will be played from Tuesday to Wednesday and playoff matches will be played from Thursday to Friday. The A-finals of the general- and entry-level series and the B-finals of all series will be played on Friday. Elite-level finals will be played on Saturday.

Registration for the 2022 Helsinki Cup opens on 15th September. Prices and registration can be found here.

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