Helsinki Cup aims to prevent bullying on the football fields

Bullying in football is a serious problem that can affect players’ mental and emotional well-being. It comes in different forms, such as verbal insults, exclusion, or even physical threats. To stop bullying, it’s crucial to build a culture of respect and sportsmanship. Coaches, parents, and players all have a vital role in addressing this issue.

Raising awareness about bullying’s harmful effects through workshops or team talks helps players understand its consequences. Encouraging open communication lets players share their concerns. Strict anti-bullying rules and their enforcement send a clear message that such behavior won’t be accepted.

Focusing on teamwork and camaraderie rather than individual success shifts the focus to cooperation over competition. Teaching empathy and promoting understanding activities among players discourages bullying. Creating a supportive, inclusive environment on the field is crucial to stop bullying in football.

At Helsinki Cup, visitors are expected to behave well, and intervention will occur if any issues arise. Let’s look out for each other and maintain a friendly atmosphere on and off the field.

Welcome to Helsinki July 8th to 13th 2024!

Helsinki Cup 7.7.2020. Kuva: Jussi Eskola


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