A Great Adventure Awaits

Two teams from Sportfreunde Ippendorf Bonn will arrive in Helsinki next summer. Anikó Rapp, the contact person for the German juniors playing in the B13 8v8 series says it’s the summer’s highlight for the team to take part in Helsinki Cup.

What inspired you to participate in Helsinki Cup 2019?

The coach of these teams, Stephan Moteka, has been at Helsinki Cup on two different occasions: 2002 and 2017. He really liked the tournament’s international atmosphere, our teams had a very good time there. I visited the tournament myself two years ago. We also have some connections to Finland as I used to be a nanny in Helsinki and studied Finno-Ugric languages at the University of Turku. Also, another parent from the team has studied in Finland.

Any particular memories from the last trip?

Well, the trip was a tremendous adventure to eleven-year-old boys. It was very exciting for the boys to fly to an unknown country. We had two teams, as the coaches wanted the boys to play as much as possible. We stayed at the school accommodation and we got to know not only Finnish teams but also teams from all over the world. It was awesome! In 2017, Finland celebrated its 100th anniversary and the atmosphere in Helsinki was unforgettable. The weather was good and the city was full of life and music.

How big of a group is travelling to Helsinki?

– We’ll have 2 teams again, 20 boys and four coaches altogether. On top of that, about 15 parents will also travel with the team, cheering for the teams and the coaches, and organizing the leisure program for the teams.

What is your goal for the tournament?

Both teams want to have a great time. Even though the teams have little different levels, the main objective is to proceed in the tournament as far as possible, maybe even to the finals.

Anything, in particular, you’re looking forward from your trip to Helsinki Cup?

Outside the pitch, we’re hoping to get to swim and visit Korkeasaari or Seurasaari. I think many will want to visit Suomenlinna again. I heard the parents want to experience Finnish tango music.

Helsinki Cup wishes a warm welcome to the Sportfreunde Ippendorf Bonn teams!

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