Has your team participated in Helsinki Cup before – if yes/no, what brings you to Helsinki next summer?

”Our team hasn’t participated in Helsinki Cup before; this is our first time. The reason being that we didn’t feel ready to join earlier. It was planned for last summer (2023), but it didn’t happen. We’ve heard from other teams within the club and staff how fantastic the event is, so it’s something we want to experience, and the players are eager to participate. This year, we also informed parents during the beginning-of-season briefing that the biggest tournament of the summer in 2024 will be Hesa Cup.” says LAUTP team leader Lilli Järvinen.

What are you looking forward to at the tournament?

“We’re looking forward to encountering new teams on the field. Of course, we’re anticipating experiencing that atmosphere we’ve heard about.”

Greetings to other teams participating in the 2024 summer tournament

“A message to other teams: approach this with enthusiasm and make your participation decisions well in advance.”

It’s fantastic that LAUTP G12 team will be part of the tournament next summer for their first time! Helsinki Cup welcomes you to enjoy Helsinki’s fantastic tournament.


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