A quick-guide for teams heading to the Olympic Stadium

Welcome to the Olympic Stadium

First of all – awesome that your team has the chance to play at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium! Due to the prevailing conditions and in order to enable a functional match to take place, below you’ll find a few practical things related to the matches played in thestadium. Thank you in advance for reading the instructions.

Entrance and exit

  • The entrance to the stadium is for everyone from the same place: the door of the Olympic Stadium players’ lobby (the same door that leads to the Helsinki Cup tournament office)
  • After the match, please avoid unnecessary presence in the stadium area


  •  The auditorium is accessed at the field-side doors of the player lobby. When you look to the left of the doors, you see the stairs to the A-auditorium. From the stairs on the right, there is an exit from the auditorium to the same player lobby
  • All members of the audience should use the stadium A-auditorium

Players and staff

  • The locker rooms are only available in the finals – please take this into account when you arrive at the stadium
  •  We kindly ask that you arrive to warm up at the stadium about 30 minutes before the start of the match. Warm-up takes place with artificial turf mats placed at the end of the grass area and in the end areas of the stadium. Avoid doing warm-up in other areas due to passage to the auditorium and other activities
  • The interchange areas will be located on the side of a large lawn – the central area of the lawn is for referees only

In case you have any questions, please contact:

Lotta Peitsi – lotta.peitsi@helsinkicup.fi+358 40 5768336

Lassi Paju – lassi.paju@helsinkicup.fi+358 40 6408750

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