Helsinki Cup Makes History Once Again!

The Helsinki Cup is making history once again by increasing the number of participating teams by nearly one hundred. This year is no exception: football remains the brightest star on the event scene. However, we are taking a significant step forward by investing even more in side events.

The Helsinki Cup has long been a tradition and is the largest children’s and youth football tournament in Finland, bringing football to the forefront. However, it is more than just a sporting event. It is an experience that offers unforgettable moments on the field, those feelings and experiences that only arise from a communal and enthusiastic atmosphere.

All teams regardless of your background, are warmly welcomed to the tournament.

But remember, it’s not just the players in the tournament; it’s also the many officials, staff, partners, and everyone else who make this event possible and unforgettable.

Mark your calendars: July 8th-13th.

See you on the field, where the heart of football beats stronger than ever!

Tournament Numbers 2024 (as of May 28, 2024):

  • Teams: 1864
  • Girls’ teams: 317
  • Boys’ teams: 1549
  • International teams: 89
  • Categories: 49
  • Field areas: 20

Welcome to Helsinki July 8th to 13th 2024!

G12 RoPS. Helsinki Cup. 14.7.2023. Photo: Jussi Eskola


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